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Jahan is a lawyer who wears many hats– he is a Sydney-based solicitor, university lecturer, and entrepreneur. Overall, he is a person who wants to change the world by sharing kindness and compassion in the way he knows how. He is called a “Little Guy Lawyer” for good reasons. He is there especially for the people who feel like they have no one to turn to, but of course, he is only one man and the best way to spread positivity is through the media.

Jahan is not only focused on positively influencing Sydney conferences and events with his motivational talks– he is dedicated to changing people’s lives in every speech he presents. Aside from offering his brilliant inspirational speeches to clients, he wants to capture people’s minds and hearts. Jahan aims for his audience to pick up something from his talks– maybe an inspirational quote that will help them through the day or a lesson that they will carry for the rest of their lives.

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Jahan the Sydney Motivational Speaker and His Bite-Sized Content

Jahan is active on social media platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn, he also has a podcast available on Spotify. He wants his content to be readily available for people who care to listen. Jahan values communication and knows that it is a two-way street– he wants to hear from his followers too. He offers bite-sized inspirational content so that his audience can look forward to a little bit of sunshine every day. Of course, nothing beats attending a full-length inspirational talk, but Jahan likes to have something for everyone.

Social media is a great way to connect with people, Jahan encourages discussions and feedback. He understands that he can learn from his audience just as much as his audience can learn from him. He wants each one of his followers and friends to feel free to add ideas and have a conversation with him.

Jahan believes that motivation and inspiration are a daily thing that everyone needs to practice. No one is motivated or inspired all the time. He wants to inspire people and help them motivate themselves and it is now possible more than ever thanks to social media.

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