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Work-life balance

Work-Life Balance: The Most Essential of All Metrics

Work is undeniably an essential aspect of anyone’s life, but that does not mean that you should let it consume your every waking hour. The challenges that come with achieving work-life balance is something that Jahan Kalantar covers in his talks.

Business Mindset

Why a Healthy Mindset is the Key to a Successful Startup

Everyone wants to be successful in life, but success comes in forms that you least expect. If you are looking for success in the field of entrepreneurship, then you need to understand what a healthy business mindset is.

Dealing with Success

Success: Signs That You’ve Already Let it Get to Your Head

There are many ways people can deal with success.  They can either stay humble, continue to learn or let success get to their heads. Not handling success the right way can do some damage in many aspects of your life.

Dealing With Failure

Dealing with Failure: The First Thing You Must Learn

Failure is not a bad thing if you learn from it. Mistakes are only unacceptable if you have turned it into a habit. TEDx speaker Jahan Kalantar has his fair shares of ups and downs, and he is willing to share how he deals with failure and how he learns from them.

Dealing With Competition

The Fine Line Between Competing and Self-Sabotage

Competition can be healthy if handled the right way. However, fixating on staying ahead of your competition can lead you farther away from your goals. TEDx Speaker Jahan Kalantar will remind you what really matters. Learn more about dealing with competition.

Goal Setting

5 Mentally Healthy Ways to Set the Right Goals

Setting a goal should be the first step in planning anything in life. A goal helps people visualise the future which is how they can make an intricate plan of moving forward. Learn more about healthy goal setting methods from TEDx Speaker Jahan Kalantar.

Common Effects of Authenticity

How Keeping It Real Can Improve Productivity at Work

Leaders should not be the only ones encouraged to be genuine people in the workplace. The effects of authenticity can also benefit the company and its employees. TEDx Speaker Jahan Kalantar can explain the effects of authenticity in his talks.

Societal Impact of Authenticity

Importance of Creating a Culture of Authenticity in the Workplace

A positive working environment starts from within an individual. However, a company must do what it can to encourage healthy behaviour by cultivating a culture of authenticity. Jahan can explain the societal impact of authenticity in more details in his talks.

Mission/Purpose of Authenticity

Are Transparency and Authenticity the Same?

Authenticity and transparency answer different questions. Authenticity is about what you share, while transparency is how much you share. TEDx Speaker Jahan Kalantar highlights the importance and purpose of authenticity in his talks. Learn more.

Actions speak louder

What Should Come After an Apology

An apology should not stop with just words. Actions should follow. What is the point of saying “sorry” if you don’t plan on changing your behaviour? Action speaks louder than words. So don’t just say it, show it.

The Power of an Apology

How the Right Words Can Mend Any Situation

Apologies are often seen as admission to guilt and responsibility for an argument, which is why most people tend to avoid apologising first. Due to this belief, people don’t see the true power of an apology.

The Right way to Apologise

Steps to Writing the Perfect Apology

Believe it or not, there is a right way to apologise, and your method might be wrong. There may not be any template to sounding sincere, but there are guidelines that you can follow. Know how to write the perfect apology.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Sugar Coating is Obsolete: Client Relations are Easier When You’re Brutally Honest

Good clients appreciate learning the truth instead of being patronised or pacified. A company’s honesty shows them that the business actually cares about them and not just about the profits. TEDx Speaker Jahan Kalantar covers why honesty is the best policy in his talks.

Employee Motivation

Employee Motivation: It’s No Joke

Employees are important assets of any business. Keeping the employee motivation up is not only beneficial to the staff themselves, but also to the company that they are working for. Learn more about employee motivation from TEDx Speaker Jahan Kalantar.

Effective Communication

Effectively Getting Your Point Across

Effective communication is essential when running a business or leading a group. It means being able to share information and instructions in a clear and understandable way. As a TEDx Speaker, Jahan Kalantar knows how to effectively communicate with his audience.

Conflict management

Why It Is Your Job to Keep Your Workplace Conflict-Free

Conflict management is an important skill for a leader to have in the workplace. This skill will help them ensure that their office continues to have a healthy and positive work environment. TEDx speaker Jahan Kalantar can help you understand how to manage disputes efficiently. 

Authenticity and Leadership

Leading By Example: The Power of An Authentic Workplace

Authenticity and leadership may sound like a weird combination, but really isn’t. An authentic leadership style is not a new concept, but it is one that still works in modern times. TEDx speaker Jahan Kalantar covers the importance of being a genuine person in the workplace in his talks.