Sydney Motivational Speaker Tips: Self-Improvement at Home

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Self-improvement plays an important part in everyone’s lives. It is something that people are taught at a very young age. Parents guide their children towards improving themselves, and soon enough they need to learn how to develop and learn in school until they graduate. Sadly, most people stop actively learning once they get into the workforce. Australian citizens of all professions often lose inspiration to learn more when they are already earning. They only ever hear the word “motivation” when listening to Sydney motivational speakers but no longer understand how to obtain it.

Self-improvement, learning, development, and growth does not only happen in school. You can also improve other aspects of your life. Your self-improvement and personal growth are just as important as your education. These things can help you handle your career and your life better.

Is Personal Growth Possible When You’re Busy?

It is difficult to think of your self-improvement and personal growth when you already have so much on your plate. When you are busy working on reports and meeting deadlines, it is hard to even think of working on improving yourself. It is easier to stick to the mentality that if something isn’t broken, you should leave it when you know you don’t have the time anyway.

Once you are in the workforce, self-improvement becomes a choice and a luxury that some people can’t afford. People have the idea that they have to be in a certain place at a certain time to work on improving themselves, which is impossible when you’re caught up in your job. However, successful people don’t really HAVE time for personal development, they MAKE time for growth.

It is scary to invest time on other things when you are too concerned with your work, but go ahead and pick up a self-improvement book or listen to a Sydney motivational speaker through their videos or podcasts. It’s okay to admit that you need a little help sometimes.

Why Do You Need Self-Improvement?

Growth involves understanding yourself and achieving your highest potential. How can you reach your highest potential when you have stopped improving yourself? You need to have a plan to unlock skills you didn’t know you could be good at, ultimately getting to know yourself better. It means developing new habits, picking up different hobbies and learning new strategies to reach your goals. Keep in mind that when you improve yourself at a personal level, your development bleeds out to other aspects of your life– even your career!

Sydney Motivational Speaker Tips on Getting Started

Your first step will always be the hardest– this is because you’re at a point in life when you want to start improving but you don’t have a plan yet. Hearing from an expert can give you ideas and even the strength to move forward. 

Since you need to make time for self-improvement, this means that you also need to improve your work-life balance.  An unbalanced life might give deep fulfilment in one area while leading to a huge deficit in another— and this is not something you want. Many motivational speakers understand the concept of balance, they may be struggling to get there too, but they recommend it to other people as well.

Here are some tips for getting your self-improvement started:

Be Mindful

Learn how to understand, feel and connect on another level. Meditation helps, but not everyone has the patience for it. You should try yoga if you’re up for it, but if not– you can start by being mindful of the things around you.

Develop a Consistent Morning and Evening Routine

Developing a routine for your mornings and evenings help you feel a sense of control over your life. You know exactly what you need to do the moment you wake up and what you need to do to sleep soundly at night. Feeling in control of your life helps with your confidence and motivation. It is a great way to kickstart your self-improvement plans for the day.

Watch a TED Talk

You don’t need a whole day dedicated to self-improvement. You could do a small but consistent gesture every day. One of these gestures can be watching a TED Talk motivational speaker. TED Talks are informational mini-lectures that lasts for around 20 minutes that can significantly improve your mood and give you a knowledge boost. You can watch or play a video in the morning as you prepare for work or during your break time as you eat your lunch. 

Listen to Podcasts

If watching a video is not your thing but you need some material to help you unwind– then try podcasts. They are on-the-go news sources that you can listen to while driving or commuting to work. There are all sorts of topics available in podcasts, but of course, if you are after self-improvement you should go and follow podcasts focusing on that.

Learn Who You Are

Understanding your strengths and weaknesses can help you determine what needs to be improved and what can be honed further. It takes a few minutes of assessing yourself every day to take note of these things.

Treat Yourself and Remind Yourself of Your Goal

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Self-improvement is a long-term goal. It is something that you can’t achieve in one night or a week. So you need to treat yourself every once in a while to remind yourself that you have been making progress. You deserve a prize for every small goal you achieve. Also, it doesn’t always have to be something big, it can be a snack bar after a workout or a 30 minutes nap after deep cleaning your room. 

Self-Improvement During Social Isolation

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world in just a few months, and it is not a change that people want. Some people feel oppressed, some are frustrated and everyone just wants it to be over. However, in times like this– the only thing to do is to adapt and make the best out of what is available.

Staying at home allows you to be productive, but it does not mean that you should only be productive at work. Having more time in the comforts of your home is an opportunity for self-improvement. Here are some things that you can do for self-improvement while practising social isolation:

1. Take on some challenges.

You will see all sorts of challenges online, such as a 30-day workout challenge, cooking challenges, etc. Taking on a challenge during social isolation allows you to push yourself to grow. Imagine being much healthier or being a much better cook after isolation. 

2. Learn a new language.

Are you a fan of foreign films or did you ever want to travel somewhere overseas? You can dedicate some of your time to learning a new language! Learning something new is always a good idea, and now you have time to do it. 

3. Deep cleaning your house.

One great way to put yourself in a better mood is to deep clean your house. Okay, this sounds like a chore, but once your home is spotlessly clean and you’ve found your missing socks– you’d be in a significantly better mood.

4. Try yoga.

Yoga is a great way to practice relaxation since it is a systematic practice of physical exercise, breath control, relaxation, diet control, and positive thinking and meditation. There are lots of great tutorials on the internet, and some studios even offer their services online.

5. Start a blog.

Starting a blog can be time-consuming– take it from me. But when your content reaches, touches, and helps other people– it is truly fulfilling. It could be about your interests or passion. Blogging enables you to understand yourself better while sharing lessons with the world.

The Takeaway

You are more than just your work, so take the time to improve yourself and grow. The world is going through a difficult time and right now everyone has to work together. Staying at home may mess up your already unbalanced work-life schedule especially when you work at home, but this also gives you a lot of opportunities to work on your self-improvement. 

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